Product and Pricing

KTS Discord

  • Introduction to KTS Systems Software
  • Watchlist Posted Multiple Times Daily
  • Real-Time News & Events Schedules
  • Educational Videos Accessible 24/7 (techniques & strategies)
  • Community For Sharing Ideas, Asking Questions and Receiving Guidance
  • Network Opportunities & Collaboration Among Traders
  • Pre-Market Trading Gameplan
  • Mid-Day Adjustments Gameplan
  • Live Trading 2 Times Daily Using KTS (2 Hrs. Market Open & 2 Hrs. Mid-Day)



NAVI Software

  • Identifies & Depicts Daily Resistance & Support Levels Automatically
  • Vertical Timelines Alerting User Of Accentuated Trend Changes
  • Stochastic Algorithmic Probability Formula Depicting Trend Reversal
  • Built-In RSI Chart Informing User of Overbought or Oversold Stock Status
  • Binary Trend Line Alerting User Of A Strong Momentum Reversal
  • Active Trader, User Can Execute Trades Rapidly & Precisely
  • Color Coded Indicators For Easy Identification of Bullish & Bearish Trends

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NAVI + KTS Discord

  • All benefits of KTS Discord And NAVI Software

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