About Us

Welcome to KTS Trading, where we believe that simplicity and accessibility should be at the core of stock trading for everyone.


Our journey began over a decade ago, as two passionate traders who were deeply immersed in the complexities of the stock market. Hours of staring at multiple computer monitors in a hedge fund-like setting left us overwhelmed and questioning if this was truly necessary to buy and sell a simple stock. Driven by the desire to streamline the trading experience and make it more consistent and stress-free, we embarked on a mission to create a revolutionary algorithm. With a fellow expert-level trader as our collaborator, we poured our energy into crafting a solution that would simplify the trading process without compromising on effectiveness.

After months of hard work, we had a functional model, but it was still too complicated. Determined to create a platform so intuitive that even a child could grasp it, we returned to the drawing board. Another year of coding, testing, and refining followed, and finally, we achieved what we knew was a remarkable product, worthy of the effort we had invested. But our journey didn’t end there. Recognizing the power of our creation and its potential to revolutionize the trading world, we realized that our platform shouldn’t be limited to just a select few. We wanted to share it with the world, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their trading background or financial expertise. This realization led us to beta test our platform, and we knew that for authentic feedback, we had to introduce it to those who had never traded before. In 2022, our beta testing began, and we were met with surprising revelations. Many individuals believed that trading was exclusive to Wall Street and that it required substantial capital, making it seem unattainable for regular people. This revelation reinforced our mission to make trading accessible and straightforward for all.

Our message became crystal clear – trading is not just for Wall Street elites; it’s for you, your neighbor, and anyone who desires to supplement their household income. Our platform is not a get-rich-quick scheme but rather a means to create supplemental cash and build a better financial future.

At KTS Trading, we firmly believe that everyone can trade, and we are committed to keeping the entire process simple and easy to understand. Our user-friendly software is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the world of trading confidently. Join us on our journey to democratize trading and break down the barriers that have kept so many people from exploring this empowering financial avenue. KTS Trading is here to transform your trading experience, one step at a time. Let’s embrace the world of trading together, armed with simplicity, accessibility, and the conviction that together, we can achieve financial freedom.