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About Keep Trading Simple (KTS)

KTS Trading stands out as a unique solution in its field. While other software options exist in the market, they often prove complex and tailored exclusively for experienced traders, accompanied by significantly higher costs. In contrast, KTS Trading offers user-friendly functionality, guided by our belief in making trading accessible to every individual seeking to take control of their investment endeavors. Acknowledging the difficulties of trading, our target audience primarily seeks supplementary income rather than get rich quick ideology. KTS Trading has embraced the straightforward ideology that “Anyone Can Trade” and software should “Keep Trading Simple”.


KTS Discord offers various benefits to traders, particularly in options trading. It provides daily streaming of KTS Trading software, offering valuable insights and simplified techniques (NO MORE COMPLICATED CHARTING). The Discord community hosts daily live options trading sessions for real-time participation. Traders can access a comprehensive library of educational training videos 24/7, covering a wide range of topics for all skill levels. Real-time market updates keep members informed, while networking opportunities and schedules enable collaboration. The community aspects provide support, allowing traders to share ideas and receive guidance. Overall, KTS Discord is a holistic platform that grants traders access to superior software, promoting the ethos of “Keep Trading Simple”.

The KTS Difference


KTS emphasizes speed through the utilization of Active Trader, enabling swift trade execution for seamless entry and exit.     


KTS employs automation to automatically update crucial levels and provide algorithmically derived trends for seamless trading.


KTS ensures secure option trading through third-party brokerages, guaranteeing user safety while utilizing their software.


KTS offers robust support for option trading and education, equipping traders with the essential knowledge and resources.     


Good session this morning. For me it was a great exercise in not trading. I'm glad you pointed out the huge run that COULD have made money for experienced/aggressive traders, but that we can only see using hindsight. Just like we need to brush off the losses, we need to brush off the "could have been" trades as well. Two weeks ago when you mentioned that you like baseball, I realized your job as moderator is like being an announcer for a pro sports game on TV. You give commentary on what is happening real time, add some color commentary with news and what risk-takers do (and why we don't), and then every now and then your KTS cohort steps into the booth like one of those retired players who just loves to talk about the game. I'm enjoying the education. Thanks!



Six years ago I paid over $6,000 for access to a Trading Academy plus $600 per month for access to the Trading room whereby they showed you trades made. It all involved currency to currency transactions. I quit after 2 months never making any money or profit due to the confusing metrics that were the key to the trades. I never figured it out or got comfortable with it. NOT SO with KTS SW. It's very user friendly and yes it's challenging but only in that it takes getting used to NOT that it is difficult to understand or almost beyond reach. I observed for 6 weeks than started trading. Yes it's been successful and yes it's been very well worth it. What a great find!

Paul R.

When I first began day trading with KTS, I literally had no earthly clue what I was getting into. I was a straight green horn. I mean I heard all the hype, but not once in my life had any knowledge of what is was about. The KTS team made learning KTS as easy as 1,2,3. They explained everything in detail and we’re very patient in teaching. They elaborated on what all the symbols and icons mean. The KTS team just did an amazing job in offering tutoring when I had areas that needed improvement. The KTS software makes it easy to understand your potential entry points and understand what’s going on with the market. KTS is definitely a great arsenal to add and the team makes sure you become educated with the software and truly cares about your progress.

Fermin H.

I have been a user of KTS since it was rolled out last year. I would definitely call myself a rookie trader as I had no idea how to trade options. I have had minimal experience trading on my own in the stock market, but daytrading has always interested me and so I couldn’t wait to be a KTS student! I have learned so much about how everything works together (their charts/lines/averages, etc)and that if you follow the software, you’re likely to come out ahead! I have also learned that patience is so very important…No FOMO! I still have to remind myself of that each day when I log in but now I cannot wait to get through weekends to get back to watching the market and letting KTS software guide my buys/sells. It’s addicting!

Tammy J.

With KTS, I have realized more profitable trades than I ever would have achieved without it. Trading without KTS is like trading blind!

Chuck M.

Never in a million years did I think I would enter the world of day trading. Being a Stay-at-home mom has been a blessing and a comfort, but I needed to help my family. So when I was introduced to KTS System, I was excited and baffled at the ease KTS provided in learning and trading options. It’s a wonderful tool for trading and love that they have a live trading session every day market is open. The KTS team does a great job at coaching and even entertaining during the session. Thank you KTS for providing a platform that is easy to read and use!

Karina D.

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